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CERTAIN, adjective

1. Sure; true; undoubted; unquestionable; that cannot be denied; existing in fact and truth.

The dream is certain and the interpretation sure. Daniel 2:45.

2. Assured in mind; having no doubts; followed by of, before a noun.

However I with thee have fixed my lot,

CERTAIN to undergo like doom of death,

Consort with thee.

To make her certain of the sad event.

3. Unfailing; always producing the intended effect; as, we may have a certain remedy for a disease.

4. Not doubtful or casual; really existing.

Virtue that directs our ways

Through certain dangers to uncertain praise.

5. Stated; fixed; determinate; regular.

Ye shall gather a certain rate every day. Exodus 16:4.

6. Particular.

There came a certain poor widow. Mark 12:1.

In the plural number, a particular part or number; some; an indefinite part, number, or quantity. Hanani came, he and certain men of Judah. I mourned certain days. Nehemiah 1:2. 6.

In the latter sense, it is used as a noun; as, certain also of your own poets have said. Acts 17:5.