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CHAIR, noun

1. A movable seat; a frame with a bottom made of different materials, used for persons to sit in; originally a stool, and anciently a kind of pulpit in churches.

2. A seat of justice or of authority; as a chair of state.

3. A seat for a professor, or his office; as the professors chair

4. The seat for a speaker or presiding officer of a public council, or assembly, as the speakers chair; and by a metonymy, the speaker himself; as, to address the chair

5. A sedan; a vehicle on poles borne by men.

6. A pulpit.

7. A two-wheeled carriage, drawn by one horse; a gig.

8. Supreme office or magistracy.

When Governor Shute came to the chair several of the old councilors were laid aside.

Curule chair an ivory seat placed on a car, used by the prime magistrates of Rome.