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1. An officer charged with the direction and management of a chamber, or of chambers. The Lord chamberlain of Great Britain is the sixth officer of the crown. To him belong livery and lodging in the kings court; on coronation day he brings to the king his apparel, his sword, scabbard, etc. He dresses and undresses the king on that day, and waits on him before and after dinner. To him also belongs the care of providing all things in the house of lords, in time of parliament. Under him are the gentleman usher of the black rod, and other officers. The Lord chamberlain of the household has the oversight of all officers belonging to the kings chambers, except the precinct of the bed-chamber, of the wardrobe, physicians, chaplains, barbers, etc., and administers the oath to all officers above stairs.

The chamberlains of the exchequer, of London, of Chester, of North Wales, etc., are receivers of rents and revenues.

2. A servant who has the care of the chambers in an inn or hotel.