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CHIME, noun

1. The consonant or harmonic sounds of several correspondent instruments.

Instruments that made melodious chime

2. Correspondence of sound.

Love - harmonized the chime

3. The musical sounds of bells, struck with hammers.

4. Correspondence of proportion or relation.

5. A kind of periodical music, or tune of a clock, produced by an apparatus annexed to it.

6. A set of bells which chime or ring in harmony.

CHIME, verb intransitive

1. To sound in consonance or harmony; to accord.

To make the rough recital aptly chime

2. To correspond in relation or proportion.

Father and son, husband and wife, correlative terms, do readily chime

3. To agree; to fall in with.

He often chimed in with the discourse.

4. To agree; to suit with.

5. To jingle; to clatter.

The sely tonge may wel ringe and chimbe.

CHIME, verb transitive

1. To move, strike, or cause to sound in harmony.

2. To strike or cause to sound, as a set of bells.

CHIME, noun The edge or brim of a cask or tub, formed by the ends of the staves.