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CLOG, verb transitive

1. To load or fill with something that retards or hinders motion; as, to clog the channel of a river; to clog a passage.

2. To put on any thing that encumbers, with a view to hinder or restrain leaping; to shackle; as, to clog a beast.

3. To load with any thing that encumbers; to burden; to embarrass; as, to clog commerce with impositions or restrictions.

4. To obstruct natural motion, or render it difficult; to hinder; to impede.

CLOG, verb intransitive

1. To coalesce; to unite and adhere in a cluster or mass.

Move it sometimes with a broom, that the seeds clog not together.

2. To form an accretion; to be loaded or encumbered with extraneous matter.

The teeth of the saw will begin to clog

CLOG, noun

1. Any thing put upon an animal to hinder motion, or leaping, as a piece of wood fastened to his leg.

2. An encumbrance; that which hinders motion, or renders it difficult; hindrance; impediment.

3. A wooden shoe; also, a sort of pattern worn by ladies to keep their feet dry in wet weather.