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CLOUD, noun [I have not found this word in any other language. The sense is obvious--a collection.]

1. A collection f visible vapor, or watery particles, suspended in the atmosphere, at some altitude. A like collection of vapors near the earth is usually called fog.

I do set my bow in the cloud Genesis 9:13.

Behold, a white cloud Revelation 14:14.

2. A state of obscurity or darkness.

3. A collection of smoke, or a dense collection of dust, rising or floating in the air; as a cloud of dust.

A cloud of incense. Ezekiel 8:11.

4. The dark or varied colors, in veins or spots, on stones or other bodies, are called clouds.

5. A great multitude; a vast collection.

Seeing we are encompassed with so great a cloud of witnesses. Hebrews 12:1.

CLOUD, verb transitive To overspread with a cloud or clouds; as, the sky is clouded; clouds intercept the rays of the sun. Hence,

2. To obscure; to darken; as, to cloud the day, or truth, or reason.

3. To darken in veins or spots; to variegate with colors; as clouded marble.

4. To make of a gloomy aspect; to give the appearance of sullenness.

What sullen fury clouds his scornful brow.

5. To sully; to tarnish.

CLOUD, verb intransitive To grow cloudy; to become obscure with clouds; sometimes followed by over; as, the sky clouds over.