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COMB, noun A valley between hills or mountains.

COMB, noun b silent.

1. An instrument, with teeth, for separating, cleansing and adjusting hair, wool, or flax. Also, an instrument of horn or shell, for keeping the hair in its place when dressed.

2. The crest, caruncle or red fleshy tuft, growing on a cocks head; so called from its indentures which resemble the teeth of a comb

3. The substance in which bees lodge their honey, in small hexagonal cells.

4. A dry measure of four bushels.

COMB, verb transitive To separate, disentangle, cleanse, and adjust with a comb as to comb hair; or to separate, cleanse and lay smooth and straight, as to comb wool.

COMB, verb intransitive In the language of seamen, to roll over, as the top of a wave; or to break with a white foam.