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COMMENT, verb intransitive

1. To write notes on the works of an author, with a view to illustrate his meaning, or to explain particular passages; to explain; to expound; to annotate; followed by on. We say, to comment on an author or on his writings.

2. To make verbal remarks, or observations, either on a book, or writing, or on actions, events or opinions.

COMMENT, verb transitive

1. To explain

2. To feign; to devise.


1. A note, intended to illustrate a writing, or a difficult passage in an author; annotation; explanation; exposition; as the comments of Scott on the Scriptures.

2. That which explains or illustrates; as, a mans conduct is the best comment on his declarations. Poverty and disgrace are very significant comments on lewdness, gambling and dissipation.

3. Remark; observation.

In such a time as this, it is not meet

That every nice offense should bear its comment