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CONFIRM, verb transitive [Latin , to make firm. See Firm.]

1. To make firm, or more firm; to add strength to; to strengthen; as, health is confirmed by exercise.

2. To fix more firmly; to settle or establish.

CONFIRMing the souls of the disciples. Acts 14:1.

I confirm thee in the priesthood. Maccabees.

CONFIRM the crown to me and to mine heirs.

3. To make firm or certain; to give new assurance of truth or certainty; to put past doubt.

The testimony of Christ was confirmed in you. 1 Corinthians 1:8.

4. To fix; to radicate; as, the patient has a confirmed dropsy.

5. To strengthen; to ratify; as, to confirm an agreement, promise, covenant or title.

6. To make more firm; to strengthen; as, to confirm an opinion, a purpose or resolution.

7. To admit to the full privileges of a Christian, by the imposition of hands.