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CONGLOMERATE, adjective [Latin , to wind into a ball, a ball, a clew. See Glomerate.]

1. Gathered into a ball or round body. A conglomerate gland is composed of many smaller glands, whose excretory ducts unite in a common one, as the live, kidneys, pancreas, parotids, etc. Each little granulated portion furnishes a small tube, which unites with other similar ducts, to form the common excretory duct of the gland.

2. In botany, conglomerate flowers grow on a branching peduncle or foot stalk, on short pedicles, closely compacted together without order; opposed to diffused.

3. conglomerate rocks. [See Puddingstone.]

CONGLOMERATE, verb transitive To gather into a ball or round body; to collect into a round mass.

CONGLOMERATE, noun In mineralogy, a sort of pudding-stone, or coarse sandstone, composed of pebbles of quartz, flint, siliceous slate, etc.