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1. Primarily, a book, register or account, kept to correct or check another account or register; a counter-register. Hence, check; restraint; as, to speak, or to act without control. The wind raged without control. Our passions should be under the control or reason.

2. Power; authority; government; command. Children should be under the control of their parents. The events of life are not always under our control.

3. He or that which restrains.

CONTROL, CONTROLL, verb transitive

1. To keep under check by a counter-register or double account. The proper officer controls the accounts of the treasury.

2. To check; to restrain; to govern.

I feel my virtue struggling in my soul; But stronger passion does its power control.

3. To overpower; to subject to authority; to counteract; to have under command. The course of events cannot be controlled by human wisdom or power.

4. To direct or govern in opposition; to have superior force, or authority over.

A recital cannot control the plain words in the granting part of a deed.