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1. One who controls, or restrains; one that has the power or authority to govern or control.

The great controller of our fate deignd to be man, and lived in low estate.

2. An officer appointed to keep a counter-register of accounts, or to oversee, control or verify the accounts of other officers; as in Great Britain, the controller of the hanaper, of the household, of the pipe, and of the pells. In the United States, the duty of the controller of the treasury is to superintend the adjustment and preservation of the public accounts; to examine all accounts settled by the auditor, and certify to the register the balances due thereon; to countersign all warrants drawn by the secretary of the treasury which shall be warranted by law; to report to he secretary the official forms of all papers to be issued in the different offices for collecting the public revenue, and the manner and form of keeping and stating the accounts of the persons employed in them, etc.