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COOP, noun [L, from bending, hollowness, or containing, holding. See Cup.]

1. A box of boards, grated or barred on one side, for keeping fowls in confinement. It is usually applied to long boxes for keeping poultry for fattening or conveyance on board of ships, as cage is used for a small box to keep singing birds in houses. I do not know that it is ever used in America for a pen to confine other animals.

2. A pen; an inclosed place for small animals.

3. A barrel or cask for the preservation of liquors.

4. A tumbrel or close cart.

[The three last sense, not American.]

COOP, verb transitive To put in a coop; to confine in a coop Hence, to shut up or confine in a narrow compass; usually followed by up, to coop up; sometimes by in.

The Trojans cooped within their walls.

They are cooped in close by the laws of the country.