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COQUET, COQUETTE noun A vain, airy, trifling girl, who endeavors to attract admiration and advances in love, from a desire to gratify vanity, and then rejects her lover; a jilt.

The light coquettes in sylphs aloft repair, and sport and flutter in the fields of air.

Note. In French, coquet is masculine and COQUETTE feminine; but as our language has no such termination for gender, it may be better to write coquet for both sexes, and for distinction prefix male to the word when applied to a man.

COQUET, verb intransitive To attempt to attract notice, admiration or love, from vanity; to entertain with compliments and amorous tattle; to treat with an appearance of amorous tenderness.

You are coquetting a maid of honor.

COQUET, verb intransitive To trifle in love; to act the lover from vanity; to endeavor to gain admirers.