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CORNET, noun [Latin , a horn. See Horn.]

1. An instrument of music, in the nature of a trumpet, sounded by blowing with the mouth. It was of a winding shape like a horn; used in armies and on occasions of joy.

David played before the Lord on cornets. 2 Samuel 6:5.

2. In modern usage, an officer of cavalry, who bears the ensign or colors of a troop. He is the third officer in the company.

3. A company of cavalry; a troop of horse. [Not used.]

4. The cornet of a horse [coronet[ is the lowest part of his pastern, that runs round the coffin and is distinguished by the hair that joins and covers the upper part of the hoof.

5. A little cap of paper in which retailers inclose small wares.

6. A scarf anciently worn by doctors.

7. A head dress.