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CREDIBLE, adjective [Latin]

1. That may be believed; worthy of credit. A thing is credible when it is known to be possible, or when it involves no contradiction or absurdity; it is more credible when it is known to come within the ordinary laws or operations of nature. With regard to the Divine Being and his operations, every thing is credible which is consistent with his perfections, and supported by evidence or unimpeachable testimony, for his power is unlimited. With regard to human affairs, we do not apply the word to things barely possible, but to things which come within the usual course of human conduct, and the general rules of evidence.

2. Worthy of belief; having a claim to credit; applied to persons. A credible person is one of known veracity and integrity, or whose veracity may be fairly deduced from circumstances. We believe the history of Aristides and Themistocles, on the authority of credible historians.