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CURIOUS, adjective [Latin , care. See Cure.]

1. Strongly desirous to see what is novel, or to discover what is unknown; solicitous to see or to know; inquisitive.

Be not curious in unnecessary matters, nor to pry into the concerns of your neighbors.

2. Habitually inquisitive; addicted to research or enquiry; as a man of a curious turn of mind; sometimes followed by after, and sometimes by of.

CURIOUS after things elegant and beautiful; curious of antiquities.

3. Accurate; careful not to mistake; solicitous to be correct.

Men were not curious what syllables or particles they used.

4. Careful; nice; solicitous in selection; difficult to please.

A temperate man is not curious of delicacies.

5. Nice; exact; subtile; made with care.

Both these senses embrace their objects--with a more curious discrimination.

6. Artful; nicely diligent.

Each ornament about her seemly lies, by curious chance, or careless art, composed.

7. Wrought with care and art; elegant; neat; finished; as a curious girdle; curious work Exodus 28:8 and 30.

8. Requiring care and nicety; as curious arts. Acts 19:19.

9. Rigid; severe; particular. [Little Used.]

10. Rare; singular; a a curious fact.