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DISCORD, noun [Latin]

1. Disagreement among persons or things. Between persons, difference of opinions; variance; opposition; contention; strife; any disagreement which produces angry passions, contest, disputes, litigation or war. discord may exist between families, parties and nations.

2. Disagreement; want of order; a clashing.

All discord harmony not understood.

3. In music, disagreement of sounds; dissonance; a union of sounds which is inharmonious, grating and disagreeable to the ear; or an interval whose extremes do not coalesce. Thus the second and the seventh, when sounded together, make a discord The term discord is applied to each of the two sounds which form the dissonance, and to the interval; but more properly to the mixed sound of dissonant tones. It is opposed to concord and harmony.

DISCORD, verb intransitive To disagree; to jar; to clash; not to suit; not to be coincident. [Not in use.]