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EMP'TY, adjective

1. Containing nothing, or nothing but air; as an empty chest; empty space; an empty purse is a serious evil.

2. Evacuated; not filled; as empty shackles.

3. Unfurnished; as an empty room.

4. Void; devoid.

In civility thou seemest so empty

5. Void; destitute of solid matter; as empty air.

6. Destitute of force or effect; as empty words.

7. Unsubstantial; unsatisfactory; not able to fill the mind or the desires. The pleasures of life are empty and unsatisfying.

Pleased with empty praise.

8. Not supplied; having nothing to carry.

They beat him, and sent him away empty Mark 12:3.

9. Hungry.

My falcon now is sharp and passing empty

10. Unfurnished with intellect or knowledge; vacant of head; ignorant; as an empty coxcomb.

11. Unfruitful; producing nothing.

Israel is an empty vine. Hosca 10.

Seven empty ears blasted with the east wind. Genesis 41:27.

12. Wanting substance; wanting solidity; as empty dreams.

13. Destitute; waste; desolate.

Nineveh is empty Nahum 2.

14. Without effect.

The sword of Saul returned not empty 2 Samuel 1:22.

15. Without a cargo; in ballast; as, the ship returned empty

EMP'TY, verb transitive To exhaust; to make void or destitute; to deprive of the contents; as, to empty a vessel; to empty a well or a cistern.

1. To pour out the contents.

The clouds empty themselves on the earth. Ecclesiastes 11:3.

Rivers empty themselves into the ocean.

2. To waste; to make desolate. Jeremiah 51:2.

EMP'TY, verb intransitive To pour out or discharge its contents.

The Connecticut empties into the Sound.

1. To become empty