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ERUP'TION, noun [Latin eruptio, from erumpo, erupi; e and rumpo, for rupo.

1. The act of breaking or bursting forth from inclosure or confinement; a violent emission of any thing, particularly of flames and lava from a volcano. The eruptions of Hecla in 1783, were extraordinary for the quantity of lava discharged.

2. A sudden or violent rushing forth of men or troops for invasion; sudden excursion.

Incensed at such eruption bold.

3. A burst of voice; violent exclamation. [Little [used.]

4. In medical science, a breaking out of humors; a copious excretion of humors on the skin, in pustules; also, an efflorescence or redness on the skin, as in scarlatina; exanthemata; petechiae; vibices; as in small pox, measles and fevers.