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ES'TIMATE, verb transitive [Latin oestimo. See Esteem.]

1. To judge and form an opinion of the value of; to rate by judgment or opinion, without weighing or measuring either value, degree, extent or quantity. We estimate the value of cloth by inspection, or the extend of a piece of land, or the distance of a mountain. We estimate the worth of a friend by his known qualities. We estimate the merits or talents of two different men by judgment. We estimate profits, loss and damage. Hence,

2. To compute; to calculate; to reckon.

ES'TIMATE, noun A valuing or rating in the mind; a judgment or opinion of the value, degree, extent or quantity of any thing, without ascertaining it. We form estimates of the expenses of a war, of the probable outfits of a voyage, of the comparative strength or merits of two men, of the extent of a kingdom or its population. Hence estimate may be equivalent to calculation, computation, without measuring or weighing.

1. Value.