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EXHAUST', verb transitive egzhaust'. [Latin exhaurio, exhaustum; ex and haurio, to draw.]

1. To draw out or drain off the whole of any thing; to draw out, till nothing of the matter drawn is left. We exhaust the water in a well, by drawing or pumping; the water of a marsh is exhausted by draining; the moisture of the earth is exhausted by evaporation.

2. To empty by drawing out the contents. Venesection may exhaust the veins and arteries.

3. To draw out or to use and expend the whole; to consume. The treasures of the prince were exhausted; his means or his resources were exhausted. The strength or fertility of land may be exhausted.

4. To use or expend the whole by exertion; as, to exhaust the strength or spirits; to exhaust one's patience. Hence this phrase is equivalent to tire, weary, fatigue.

EXHAUST', adjective Drained; exhausted. [Little Used.]