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EXHIBIT, verb transitive egzhib'it. [Latin e xhibeo; ex and habeo, to have or hold, as we say, to hold out or forth.]

1. To offer or present to view; to present for inspection; to show; as, to exhibit painting or other specimens of art; to exhibit papers or documents in court.

2. To show; to display; to manifest publicly; as, to exhibit a noble example of bravery or generosity.

3. To present; to offer publicly or officially; as, to exhibit a charge of high treason.

EXHIB'IT, noun Any paper produced or presented to a court or to auditors, referees or arbitrators, as a voucher, or in proof of facts; a voucher or document produced.

1. In chancery, a deed or writing produced in court, sworn to by a witness, and a certificate of the oath indorsed on it by the examiner or commissioner.