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EXPRES'SION, noun The act of expressing; the act of forcing out by pressure, as juices and oils from plants.

1. The act of uttering, declaring or representing; utterance; declaration; representation; as an expression of the public will.

2. A phrase, or mode of speech; as an old expression; an odd expression

3. In rhetoric, elocution; diction; the peculiar manner of utterance, suited to the subject and sentiment.

No adequate description can be given of the nameless and ever varying shades of expression which real pathos gives to the voice.

4. In painting, a natural and lively representation of the subject; as the expression of the eye, of the countenance, or of a particular action or passion.

5. In music, the tone, grace or modulation of voice or sound suited to any particular subject; that manner which gives life and reality to ideas and sentiments.

6. Theatrical expression is a distinct, sonorous and pleasing pronunciation, accompanied with action suited to the subject.