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FAT, adjective

1. Fleshy; plump; corpulent; abounding with an oily concrete substance, as an animal body; the contrary to lean; as a fat man; a fat ox.

2. Coarse; gross.

Nay, added fat pollutions of our own.

3. Dull; heavy; stupid; unteachable.

Make the heart of this people fat Isaiah 6:10.

4. Rich; wealthy; affluent.

These are terrible alarms to persons grown fat and wealthy.

5. Rich; producing a large income; as a fat benefice.

6. Rich; fertile; as a fat soil; or rich; nourishing; as fat pasture.

7. Abounding in spiritual grace and comfort.

They [the righteous] shall be fat and flourishing. Psalms 42:1.

FAT, noun

1. An oily concrete substance, deposited in the cells of the adipose or cellular membrane of animal bodies. In most parts of the body, the fat lies immediately under the skin. fat is of various degrees of consistence, as in tallow, lard and oil. It has been recently ascertained to consist of two substances, stearine and elaine, the former of which is solid, the latter liquid, at common temperatures, and on the different proportions of which its degree of consistence depends.

2. The best or richest part of a thing.

Abel brought of the fat of his flock. Genesis 4:4.

FAT, verb transitive To make fat; to fatten; to make plump and fleshy with abundant food; as, to fat fowls or sheep.

FAT, verb intransitive To grow fat plump and fleshy.

An old ox fats as well, and is as good, as a young one.


VAT, noun

A large tub, cistern or vessel used for various purposes, as by brewers to run their wort in, by tanners for holding their bark and hides, etc. It is also a wooden vessel containing a quarter or eight bushels of grain, and a pan for containing water in salt-works, a vessel for wine, etc.

The fats shall overflow with wine and oil. Joel 2:24.

FAT, noun A measure of capacity, but indefinite.