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FEE'LING, participle present tense

1. Perceiving by the touch; having perception.

2. adjective Expressive of great sensibility; affecting; tending to excite the passions. He made a feeling representation of his wrongs. He spoke with feeling eloquence.

3. Possessing great sensibility; easily affected or moved; as a feeling man; a feeling heart.

4. Sensibly or deeply affected; as, I had a feeling sense of his favors. [This use is not analogical, but common.]

FEE'LING, noun

1. The sense of touch; the sense by which we perceive external objects which come in contact with the body, and obtain ideas of their tangible qualities; one of the five senses. It is by feeling we know that a body is hard or soft, hot or cold, wet or dry, rough or smooth.

2. Sensation; the effect of perception.

The apprehension of the good gives but the greater feeling to the worse.

3. Faculty or power of perception; sensibility.

Their king, out of a princely feeling was sparing and compassionate towards his subjects.

4. Nice sensibility; as a man of feeling

5. Excitement; emotion.