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1. Thinness; smallness; slenderness; as the finances of a thread or silk. Hence.

2. Consisting of fine threads; as fine linen.

3. Smallness; minuteness; as the fineness of sand or particles; the fineness of soil or mold.

4. Clearness; purity; freedom from foreign matter; as the fineness of wine or other liquor; the fineness of gold.

5. Niceness; delicacy; as the fineness of taste.

6. Keenness; sharpness; thinness; as the finances of an edge.

7. Elegance; beauty; as fineness of person.

8. Capacity for delicate or refined conceptions; as the fineness of genius.

9. Show; splendor; gayety of appearance; elegance; as the fineness of clothes or dress.

10. Clearness; as the fineness of complexion.

11. Subtility; artfulness; ingenuity; as the fineness of wit.

12. Smoothness.