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FIRST, adjective furst. [See fare and for.]

1. Advanced before or further than any other in progression; foremost in place; as the first man in a marching company or troop is the man that precedes all the rest. Hence,

2. Preceding all others in the order of time. Adam was the first man. Cain was the first murderer. Monday was the first day of January.

3. Preceding all others in numbers or a progressive series; the ordinal of one; as, 1 is the first number.

4. Preceding all others in rank, dignity or excellence. Demosthenes was the first orator of Greece. Burke was one of the first geniuses of his age. Give God the first place in your affections.

FIRST, adverb furst.

1. Before any thing else in the order of time.

Adam was first formed, then Eve. 1 Timothy 2:1.

2. Before all others in place or progression.

Let the officers enter the gate first

3. Before any thing else in order of proceeding or consideration. first let us attend to the examination of the witnesses.

4. Before all others in rank. He stands or ranks first in public estimation.

At first at the first as the beginning or origin.

FIRST or last, at one time or another; at the beginning or end.

And all fools and lovers first or last.