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FLIGHT, noun [See Fly.]

1. The act of fleeing; the act of running away, to escape danger or expected evil; hasty departure.

Pray ye that your flight be not in winter. Matthew 24:20.

To put to flight to turn to flight is to compel to run away; to force to escape.

2. The act of flying; a passing through the air by the help of wings; volation; as the flight of birds and insects.

3. The manner of flying. Every fowl has its particular flight; the flight of the eagle is high; the flight of the swallow is rapid, with sudden turns.

4. Removal from place to place by flying.

5. A flock of birds flying in company; as a flight of pigeons or wild geese.

6. A number of beings flying or moving through the air together; as a flight of angels.

7. A number of things passing through the air together; a volley; as a flight of arrows.

8. A periodical flying of birds in flocks; as the spring flight or autumnal flight of ducks or pigeons.

9. In England, the birds produced in the same season.

10. The space passed by flying.

11. A mounting; a soaring; lofty elevation and excursion; as a flight of imagination or fancy; a flight of ambition.

12. Excursion; wandering; extravagant sally; as a flight of folly.

13. The power of flying.

14. In certain lead works, a substance that flies off in smoke.

FLIGHT of stairs, the series of stairs from the floor, or from one platform to another.