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1. One that founds, establishes and erects; one that lays a foundation; as the founder of a temple or city.

2. One who begins; an author; one from whom any thing originates; as the founder of a sect of philosophers; the founder of a family or race.

3. One who endows; one who furnishes a permanent fund for the support of an institution; as the founder of a college or hospital.

4. A caster; one who casts metals in various forms; as a founder of cannon, belles, hardware, printing types, etc.

FOUND'ER, verb intransitive

1. In seamen's language, to fill or be filled and sink, as a ship.

2. To fail; to miscarry.

3. To trip; to fell.

FOUND'ER, verb transitive To cause internal inflammation and great soreness in the feet of a horse, so as to disable or lame him.