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FRESH, adjective [Eng. rush, which gives the radical sense, though it may not be the same word.]

1. Moving with celerity; brisk; strong; somewhat vehement; as a fresh breeze; fresh wind; the primary sense.

2. Having the color and appearance of young thrifty plants; lively; not impaired or faded; as when we say, the fields look fresh and green.

3. Having the appearance of a healthy youth; florid; ruddy; as a fresh-colored young man.

4. New; recently grown; as fresh vegetables.

5. New; recently made or obtained. We have a fresh supply of goods from the manufactory, or from India; fresh tea; fresh raisins.

6. Not impaired by time; not forgotten or obliterated. The story is fresh in my mind; the ideas are fresh in my recollection.

7. Not salt; as fresh water; fresh meat.

8. Recently from the well or spring; pure and cool; not warm or vapid. Bring a glass of fresh water.

9. In a state like that of recent growth or recentness; as, to preserve flowers and fruit fresh

FRESH as April, sweet as May.

10. Repaired from loss or diminution; having new vigor. He rose fresh for the combat.

11. New; that has lately come or arrived; as fresh news; fresh dispatches.

12. Sweet; in a good state; not stale.

13. Unpracticed; unused; not before employed; as a fresh hand on board of a ship.

14. Moderately rapid; as, the ship makes fresh way.

FRESH, noun A freshet.