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FUR, noun

1. The short, fine, soft hair of certain animals, growing thick on the skin, and distinguished from the hair, which is longer and coarser. fur is one of the most perfect non-conductors of heat, and serves to keep animals warm in cold climates.

2. The skins of certain wild animals with the fur; peltry; as a cargo of furs.

3. Strips of skin with fur used on garments for lining or for ornament. Garments are lined or faced with fur

4. Hair in general; a loose application of the word.

5. A coat of morbid matter collected on the tongue in persons affected with fever.

FUR, verb transitive

1. To line, face or cover with fur; as a furred robe.

2. To cover with morbid matter, as the tongue.

3. To line with a board, as in carpentry.