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GRAD'UATE, verb transitive [Latin gradus, a degree.]

1. To honor with a degree or diploma, in a college or university; to confer a degree on; as, to graduate a master of arts.

2. To mark with degrees, regular intervals, or division; as, to graduate a thermometer.

3. To form shades or nice differences.

4. To raise to a higher place in the scale of metals.

5. To advance by degrees; to improve.

Dyers advance and graduate their colors with salts.

6. To temper; to prepare.

Diseases originating in the atmosphere act exclusively on bodies graduated to receive their impressions.

7. To mark degrees or differences of any kind; as, to graduate punishment.

8. In chimistry, to bring fluids to a certain degree of consistency.

GRAD'UATE, verb intransitive To receive a degree from a college or university.

1. To pass by degrees; to change gradually. Sandstone which graduates into gneiss, Carnelian sometimes graduates into quartz.

GRAD'UATE, noun One who has received a degree in a college or university, or from some professional incorporated society.