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HAND, noun [Latin hendo, in prehendo.]

1. In man, the extremity of the arm, consisting of the palm and fingers, connected with the arm at the wrist; the part with which we hold and use any instrument.

2. In falconry, the foot of a hawk; and in the manege, the fore-foot of a horse.

3. A measure of four inches; a palm applied chiefly to horses; as a horse 14 hands high.

4. Side; part; right or left; as on the one hand or the other. This is admitted on all hands, that is, on all sides, or by all parties.

5. Act; deed; performance; external action; that is, the effect for the cause, the hand being the instrument of action.

Thou sawest the contradiction between my heart and hand

6. Power of performance; skill.

A friend of mine has a very fine hand on the violin.

He had a mind to try his hand at a Spectator.

7. Power of making or producing.

An intelligent being coming out of the hands of infinite perfection.

8. Manner of acting or performance; as, he changed his hand

9. Agency; part in performing or executing. Punish every man who had a hand in the mischief. We see the hand of God in this event.

10. Conveyance; agency in transmitting.

11. Possession; power. The estate is in the hands of the owner. The papers are in my hands.

12. The cards held at a game; hence, a game.

13. That which performs the office of the hand or of a finger in pointing; as the hand of a clock; the hour hand and the minute hand

14. A person; an agent; a man employed in agency or service. The mason employs twenty hands.

15. Form of writing; style of penmanship; as a good hand; a bad hand; a fine hand

16. Agency; service; ministry. Exodus 4:2. Leviticus 8:23.

17. In Scripture, the hand of God, is his eternal purpose and executive power. Acts 4:28.

18. The providential bounty of God. Psalms 104:28.

19. The power of God exerted in judgments or mercies, in punishing or defending. Judges 2:15. Psalms 32:4.

20. The spirit of God; divine influence. 1 Kings 18:9.

21. The favor of God, or his support. Nehemiah 2:8. Luke 1:1.

At hand near; either present and within reach, or not far distant.

Your husband is at hand I hear his trumpet.

1. Near in time; not distant.

The day of Christ is at hand 2 Thessalonians 2:2.

By hand with the hands, in distinction from the instrumentality of tools, engines or animals; as, to weed a garden by hand; to lift, draw or carry by hand

In hand present payment; in respect to the receiver.

Receiving in hand one year's tribute.

1. In a state of execution. I have a great work in hand

At my hand at his hand etc., denote from the person or being.

Shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil? Job 2:5.

Of hand in present possession; as, he has a supply of goods on hand

1. Under one's care or management.

Jupiter had a farm on his hands.

Off hand without delay, hesitation or difficulty; immediately; dexterously; without previous preparation.

Out of hand ready payment; with regard to the payer.

Let not the wages of any man tarry with thee; but give it him out of hand

To his hand to my hand etc., in readiness; already prepared; ready to be received.

The work is made to his hands.

Under his hand under her hand etc., with the proper writing or signature of the name.

This deed is executed under the hand and seal of the owner.

HAND over head, negligently; rashly; without seeing what one does. [Not used.]

HAND over hand by passing the hands alternately one before or above another, as to climb hand over hand; also, rapidly, as to come up with a chase hand over hand; ; used by seamen.

HAND to hand in close union; close fight.

But from hand to hand is from one person to another.

HAND in hand in union; conjointly; unitedly.

To join hand in hand is to unite efforts and act in concert.

HAND in hand fit; pat; suitable.

HAND to mouth. To live from hand to mouth, is to obtain food and other necessaries, as want requires, without making previous provision, or having an abundant previous supply.

To bear in hand to keep in expectation; to elude. [Not used.]

To bear a hand to hasten; a seaman's phrase.

To be hand and glove, to be intimate and familiar, as friends or associates.

To set the hand to, to engage in; to undertake.

That the Lord thy God may bless thee, in all thou

settest thine hand to. Dest.23.

To take in hand to attempt; to undertake. Luke 1:1. Also, to seize and deal with.

To have a hand in, to be concerned in; to have a part or concern in doing; to have an agency in.

To put the last hand or finishing hand to, to complete; to perfect; to make the last corrections, or give the final polish.

To change hands, to change sides; to shift.

HAND, in the sense of rate, price, terms, conditions, as used by Bacon, Taylor, etc., is obsolete; as, 'to buy at a dear hand; ' 'accept the mystery, but at no hand wrest it by pride or ignorance.' So in the sense of advantage, gain, superiority, as used by Hayward; and in that of competition, content, as used by Shakespeare.

To get hand to gain influence, is obsolete.

A heavy hand severity or oppression.

A light hand gentleness; moderation.

A strict hand severe discipline; rigorous government.

HANDs off, a vulgar phrase for keep off, forbear.

pour water on the hands, in the phraseology of the Scriptures, is to serve or minister to. 2 Kings 3:10.

To wash the hands, to profess in innocence. Matthew 27:29.

To kiss the hand imports adoration. Job 31:21.

To lean on the hand imports familiarity. 2 Kings 5:11.

To strike hands, to make a contract, or to become surety for another's debt or good behavior. Proverbs 17:16.

Putting the hand under the thigh, was an ancient ceremony used in swearing.

To give the hand is to make a covenant with one, or to unite with him in design. 2 Ki 10.

The stretching out of the hand denotes an exertion of power. But,

The stretching out of the hand to God, imports earnest prayer or solemn dedication of one's self to him. Psa 68, and 143.

The lifting of the hand was used in affirmation and swearing, and in prayer imported a solemn wishing of blessings from God. Genesis 14:15. Leviticus 1:4.

To lift the hand against a superior, to rebel. 2 Samuel 20:9.

To put forth the hand against one, to kill him. 1 Samuel 24:4.

To put one's hand to a neighbor's goods, to steal them. Exodus 22:4.

To lay hands on in anger, to assault or seize, or to smite. Exo 24. Isaiah 11:8.

To lay the hand on the mouth, imports silence. Job 40.

The laying on of hands, was also a ceremony used in consecrating one to office. Numbers 27:18. 1 Timothy 4:14.

It was also used in blessing persons. Mark 10:37.

Hiding the hand in the bosom, denotes idleness; inactivity; sluggishness. Proverbs 19:24.

The clapping of hands, denotes joy and rejoicing. But in some instances, contempt or derision, or joy at the calamities of others. Psa 47. Ezekiel 25:7.

A station at the right hand is honorable, and denotes favor, approbation or honor. A station on the left hand is less honorable. Matthew 20:21.

's standing at the right hand of men, imports his regard for them, and his readiness to defend and assist them. Psa 16.

Satan's standing at the right hand of men, imports his readiness to accuse them, or to hinder or torment them. Zechariah 3:1.

Clean hands, denotes innocence and a blameless and holy life. Psa 24.

A slack hand denotes idleness; carelessness; sloth. Prov 10.

The right hand denotes power; strength. Exo 15.

HAND, verb transitive To give or transmit with the hand

HAND me a book.

1. To lead, guide and lift with the hand; to conduct.

2. To manage; as, I hand my oar.

3. To seize; to lay hands on. [Not used.]

4. In seamanship, to furl; to wrap or roll a sail close to the yard, stay or mast, and fasten it with gaskets.

To hand down, to transmit in succession, as from father to son, or from predecessor to successor. Fables are handed down from age to age.