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HUFF, noun

1. A swell of sudden anger or arrogance.

A Spaniard was wonderfully upon the huff about his extraction.

2. A boaster; one swelled with a false opinion of his own value or importance.

Lewd shallow-brained huffs make atheism and contempt of religion the badge of wit.

HUFF, verb transitive To swell; to enlarge; to puff up.

1. To hector; to bully; to treat with insolence and arrogance; to chide or rebuke with insolence.

HUFF, verb intransitive To swell; to dilate or enlarge; as, the bread huffs.

1. To bluster; to swell with anger, pride or arrogance; to storm.

This arrogant conceit made them huff at the doctrine of repentance.

A huffing, shining, flattering, cringing coward.