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IN'DIAN, adjective [from India, and this from Indus, the name of a river in Asia.] Pertaining to either of the Indies, East or West.

IN'DIAN, noun A general name of any native of the Indies; as an East indian or West indian it is particularly applied to any native of the American continent.

INDIAN Arrow Root, noun A plant of the genus Maranta.

INDIAN, Berry, noun A plant of the genus Menispermum.

INDIAN Bread, noun A plant of the genus Jatropha.

INDIAN Corn, noun A plant, the maiz, of the genus Zea; a native of American.

INDIAN Cress, noun A plant of the genus Tropaeolum.

INDIAN, Fig, noun A plant of the genus Cactus.

INDIAN Ink, noun A substance brought from China, used for water colors. It is in rolls or in square cakes, and is said to consist of lampblack and animal glue.