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INE'BRIATE, verb transitive [Latin inebrio, inebriatus; in and ebrio, to intoxicate; ebrius, soaked, drenched, drunken. The Latin ebrius is contracted from ebrigus or ebregus, as appears from the Spanish embriagar, to intoxicate, embriago, inebriated; Gr. to water or irrigate. See Rain.]

1. To make drunk; to intoxicate.

2. To disorder the senses; to stupefy, or to make furious or frantic; to produce effects like those of liquor, which are various in different constitutions.

INE'BRIATE, verb intransitive To be or become intoxicated.

INE'BRIATE, noun A habitual drunkard.

Some inebriates have their paroxysms of inebriety terminated by much pale urine, profuse sweats, etc.