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IN'STITUTE, verb transitive [Latin instituo; in and statuo, to set.]

1. To establish; to appoint; to enact; to form and prescribe; as, to institute laws; to institute rules and regulations.

2. To found; to originate and establish, as to institute a new order of nobility; to institute a court.

3. To ground or establish in principles; to educate; to instruct; as, to institute children in the principles of a science.

4. To begin; to commence; to set in operation; as, to institute an inquiry; to institute a suit.

5. To invest with the spiritual part of a benefice or the care of souls.

IN'STITUTE, noun [Latin institutum.]

1. Established law; settled order.

2. Precept; maxim; principle.

To make the Stoic institutes thy own.

3. A book of elements or principles; particularly, a work containing the principles of the Roman law.