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INTENT', adjective [Latin intentus, from intendo. See Intend.]

Literally, having the mind strained or bent on an object; hence, fixed closely; sedulously applied; eager in pursuit of an object; anxiously diligent; formerly with to, but now with on; as intent on business or pleasure; intent on the acquisition of science.

Be intent and solicitous to take up the meaning of the speaker--

INTENT', noun Literally, the stretching of the mind towards an object; hence, a design; a purpose; intention; meaning; drift; aim; applied to persons or things.

The principal intent of Scripture is to deliver the laws of duties supernatural.

I ask therefore, for what intent ye have sent for me? Acts 10:29.

To all intents, in all senses; whatever may be designed.

He was miserable to all intents and purposes.