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LIMB, noun lim. [Latin limbus, edge or border, extremity; limes, limit. The sense of limb is from shooting or extending.]

1. Edge or border. This is the proper signification of the word; but in this sense it is limited chiefly to technical use, and applied to the sun, moon, or a star, to a leaf, to a quadrant, etc. We say, the sun or moon is eclipsed on its northern limb But we never say, the limb of a board, of a tract of land or water, etc.

2. In anatomy, and in common use, an extremity of the human body; a member; a projecting part; as the arm or leg; that is, a shoot.

3. The branch of a tree; applied only to a branch of some size, and not to a small twig.

4. In botany, the border or upper spreading part of a monopetalous corol.

LIMB, verb transitive lim.

1. To supply with limbs.

2. To dismember; to tear off the limbs.