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1. The state of being low or depressed; the state of being less elevated than something else; as the lowness of the ground, or of the water after the ebb-tide.

2. Meanness of condition. Men are not to be despised or oppressed on account of the lowness of their birth or condition.

3. Meanness of mind or character; want of dignity. haughtiness usually springs from lowness of mind; real dignity is distinguished by modesty.

4. Want of sublimity in style or sentiment; the contrary to loftiness.

5. Submissiveness; as the lowness of obedience.

6. Depression of mind; want of courage or fortitude; dejection; as lowness of spirits.

7. Depression in fortune; a state of poverty; as the lowness of circumstances.

8. Depression in strength or intensity; as the lowness of heat or temperature; lowness of zeal.

9. Depression in price or worth; as the lowness of price or value; the lowness of the funds or of the markets.

10. Graveness of sound; as the lowness of notes.

11. Softness of sound; as the lowness of the voice.