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MATE, noun

1. A companion; an associate; one who customarily associates with another. Young persons nearly of an age, and frequently associating, are called mates or playmates.

2. A husband or wife.

3. The male or female of animals which associate for propagation and the care of their young.

4. One that eats at the same table.

5. One that attends the same school; a school-mate.

6. An officer in a merchant ship or ship of war, whose duty is to assist the master or commander. In a merchant ship, the mate in the absence of the master, takes command of the ship. Large ships have a first, second, and third mate

In general, mate in compound words, denotes an assistant, and ranks next in subordination to the principal; as master's mate; surgeon's mate etc.

MATE, noun In chess, the state of the king so situated that he cannot escape.

MATE, verb transitive To match; to marry.

1. To equal; to be equal to.

For thus the mastful chestnut mates the skies.

2. To oppose; to equal.

--I i' th' way of loyalty and truth,

Dare mate a sounder man than Surrey can be.

MATE, verb transitive To enervate; to subdue; to crush.

Audacity doth almost bind and mate the weaker sort of minds. [Not used.]