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MEL'LOW, adjective [Latin mollis, malus.]

1. Soft with ripeness; easily yielding to pressure; as a mellow peach or apple; mellow fruit.

2. Soft to the ear; as a mellow sound; a mellow pipe.

3. Soft; well pulverized; not indurated or compact; as mellow ground or earth.

4. Soft and smooth to the taste; as mellow wine.

5. Soft with liquor; intoxicated; merry.

6. Soft or easy to the eye.

The tender flush whose mellow stain imbues

Heaven with all freaks of light.

MEL'LOW, verb transitive To ripen; to bring to maturity; to soften by ripeness or age.

On foreign mountains may the sun refine

The grape's soft juice and mellow it to wine.

1. To soften; to pulverize. Earth is mellowed by frost.

2. To mature; to bring to perfection.

This episode--mellowed into that reputation which time has given it.

MEL'LOW, verb intransitive To become soft; to be ripened, matured or brought to perfection. Fruit, when taken from the tree, soon mellows. Wine mellows with age.