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MORE, adjective [Latin magis; mare for mager; but this is conjecture.]

1. Greater in quality, degree or amount; in a general sense; as more land; more water; more courage; more virtue; more power or wisdom; more love; more praise; more light. It is applicable to every thing, material or immaterial.

2. Greater in number; exceeding in numbers; as more men; more virtues; more years.

The children of Israel are more than we. Exodus 1:9.

3. Greater.

The more part knew not why they had come together. Acts 19:32.

4. Added to some former number; additional.

But Montague demands one labor more

MORE, adverb To a greater degree.

Israel loved Joseph more than all his children. Genesis 37:3.

1. It is used with the.

They hated him yet the more Genesis 37:3.

2. It is used to modify an adjective and form the comparative degree, having the same force and effect as the termination er, in monosyllables; as more wise; more illustrious; more contemptible; more durable. It may be used before all adjectives which admit of comparison, and must be used before polysyllables.

3. A second or another time; again. I expected to hear of him mo more

The dove returned not to him again any more Genesis 8:12.

No more not continuing; existing no longer; gone; deceased or destroyed. Cassius is no more Troy is no more

No more is used in commands, in an elliptical form of address. No more! that is, say no more; let me hear no more In this use however, more when the sentence is complete, is a noun or substitute for a noun.

Much more in a greater degree or with more readiness; more abundantly.

MORE and more with continual increase.

Amon trespassed more and more 2 Chronicles 33:8.

MORE, a noun or substitute for a noun. A greater quantity, amount or number.

They gathered some more some less. Exodus 1:96.

They were more who died by hail-stones, than they whom the children of Israel slew with the sword. Joshua 10:11.

God do so to thee and more also. 1 Samuel 3:17.

There were more than forty who had made this conspiracy. Acts 23:13.

1. Greater thing; other thing; something further. Here we rest; we can do no more He conquered his enemies; he did more he conquered himself.

MORE, verb transitive To make more