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MUSK, noun [Latin muscus; Gr.musk, and moss.] A strong scented substance obtained from a cyst or bag near the navel of the Thibet musk [Moschus moschiferus, ] an animal that inhabits the Asiatic Alps, especially the Altaic chain. This animal is a little more than three feet in length; the head resembles that of the roe, the fur is coarse, like that of the cervine race, but thick, erect, smooth and soft. It has no horns, but the male has two long tusks, one on each side, projecting from the mouth. The female is smaller than the male and has neither tusks nor follicle. The cyst of the male is about the size of a hen's egg, oval, flat on one side and rounded on the other, having a small orifice. This contains a clotted, oily, friable matter of a dark brown color, which is the true musk one of the strongest odors or perfumes in nature. We give the name to the substance and to the animal.

MUSK, noun Grape-hyacinth or grape-flower.

MUSK, verb transitive To perfume with musk

MUSK'-APPLE, noun A particular kind of apple.

MUSK'-CAT, noun The musk which see.

MUSK'-CHERRY, noun A kind of cherry.