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NEUTRAL, adjective [Latin From neuter.]

1. Not engaged on either side; not taking an active part with either of contending parties. It is policy for a nation to be neutral when other nations are at war. Belligerents often obtain supplies from neutral states.

2. Indifferent; having no bias in favor of either side or party.

3. Indifferent; neither very good nor bad.

Some things good, and some things ill do seem, And neutral some in her fantastic eye.

NEUTRAL salt, in chimistry, a salt or body composed of two primitive saline substances in combination, and possessing the character neither of an acid or alkaline salt; or a combination of an acid with any substance which destroys its acidity; any salt saturated with an alkali, an earth or a metal. But it is more usual to denominate neutral a salt which is united with an alkaline substance, and to cal the others earthy or metallic.

NEUTRAL, noun A person or nation that takes no part in a contest between others.

The neutral as far as his commerce extends, becomes a party in the war.