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NOT'ABLE, adjective [Latin known; to know.]

1. Remarkable; worthy of notice; memorable; observable; distinguished or noted.

They bore two or three charges from the horse with notable courage.

Two young men of notable strength. 2 Maccabees.

2. Active; industrious; careful; as a notable woman.

[In both senses, this word is obsolete in elegant style, or used only in irony. The second sense is in colloquial use in New England.

3. In Scripture, conspicuous; sightly; as a notable horn. Daniel 8:5.

4. Notorious. Matthew 27:16.

5. Terrible. Acts 2:20.

6. Known or apparent. Acts 4:16.

NOT'ABLE, noun

1. In France, the nobles or persons of rank and distinction were formerly called notables.

2. A thing worthy of observation.