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PAL'LET, noun [Latin pala.]

1. Among painters, a little oval table or board, or piece of ivroy, on which the painter places the colors to be used. On the middle the colors are mixed to obtain the tints required.

2. Among potters, crucible makers, etc. a wooden instrument for forming, heating and rounding their works. It is oval, round, etc.

3. In gilding, an instrument made of a squirrel's tail, to take up the gold leaves from the pillow, and to apply and extend them.

4. In heraldry, a small pale. [See Pale.]

5. A small part belonging to the balance of a watch; the nut of a watch. It is sometimes written pallat.

6. A measure formerly used by surgeons, containing three ounces.

PAL'LET, noun [Latin palea, straw.] A small bed.