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PAROLE, noun [Latin parabola.]

1. Properly, a word; hence, in a legal sense, words or oral declaration; word of mouth. Formerly, conveyances were made by parol or word of mouth only.

2. Pleadings in a suit; as anciently all pleadings were viva voce or ore tenus.

The parole may demur.

PARO'LE, adjective Given by word of mouth; oral; not written; as Parole evidence.

[It would be well to write this word Parole, in uniformity with the following, there being no good reason for a distinction.]

PARO'LE, noun [See Parol ] Word of mouth. In military affairs, a promise given by a prisoner of war, when he has leave to depart from custody, that he will return at the time appointed, unless discharged. A parole is properly a verbal or unwritten promise, but I believe it is customary to take a promise in writing.