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PATCH, noun

1. A piece of cloth sewed on a garment to repair it.

2. A small piece of any thing used to repair a breach.

3. A small piece of silk used to cover a defect on the face, or to add a charm.

4. A piece inserted in mosaic or variegated work.

5. A small piece of ground, or a small detached piece.

6. A paltry fellow. This use is sometimes heard in vulgar language; as a cross-patch.

PATCH, verb transitive To mend by sewing on a piece or pieces; as, to patch a coat.

1. To adorn with a patch or with patches.

In the middle boxes were several ladies who patched both sides of their faces.

2. To mend with pieces; to repair clumsily.

3. To repair with pieces fastened on; as, to patch the roof of a house.

4. To make up of pieces and shreds.

5. To dress in a party-colored coat.

6. To make suddenly or hastily; to make without regard to forms; as, to patch up a peace.